State Requirements (revised 11/06/2013)

Fire Marshall's phone number is 502-573-1795

The state requires the home owner to have the following permits/seals before an electrical inspection can be performed and electric service can be turned on:

  • KRS 211.350 - On-site Sewage Disposal System - "Notice of Release" - issued by the health department.

All new or previously owned manufactured or mobile homes (effective January 1, 2009):

  • KRS 277.570 (4) - Certified installer seal. Contact mobile home retailers for a list of certified installers.

Previously owned manufactured or mobile homes:

  • KRS 227.605 (2) -
    • B1 seal = habitable, meets pre-1976 code or HUD code performance standards
    • B2 seal = not-habitable, does not meet pre-1976 code or HUD code performance standards. Salvage only; legal for storage use only.