Clark Energy Cooperative is committed to helping its commercial members expand their business and to obtain the most possible from their energy dollars. For this reason, Clark Energy has teamed with its energy partner, Envision, to offer free commercial energy audits.

An energy audit expert will tour your commercial operations, gather data and return to you a printed copy of their findings and recommendations. The report includes:

Equipment Analysis - contains an equipment inventory list, equipment location as well as estimates for energy usage. The equipment manufacturer's data and daily run-hours on the equipment are used to calculate the energy use of each piece of equipment. Daily totals are then used to estimate monthly usage.

Billing History Analysis - contains billing information for the last 13 months broken down into various billing components and then analyzed for trends and abnormalities. Actual billing amounts are then compared to projected energy usage by the equipment manufacturer.

Recommendation - contains the recommendation from a Professional Engineer on options that you may consider for your business.

For more information on our energy partner, Envision, log on to their website at