What is the Facility Charge that shows up on my bill each month?

The Facility Charge is the monthly charge that Clark Energy members pay for the cost of bringing electricity to your home or business. This charge covers the expenses the cooperative incurs regardless of how much electricity is used by the member and includes utility plant investment, operation and maintenance costs, bill and administrative costs, depreciation, etc. It also ensures that every member pays their fair share of basic service costs. The Facility Charge will very according to the billing rate the member is on.

What is the Environmental Surcharge?

This charge pays the cost to meet EPA regulations on power plant emissions. Government regulations have forced our power supplier to install equipment to reduce emissions from power plants and comply with EPA rules. All monies collected are returned to our power supplier.

What is the Fuel Adjustment Charge?

The fuel adjustment charge recovers a portion of the cost of coal and natural gas needed to run power plants and costs to buy power from other utilities to meet peak demand for high loads during the winter and summer. Every penny goes directly to our power supplier. The formula for determining these charges is approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission and they ensure that only proper expenses are included.

What are capital credits?

Capital credits represent Clark Energy's operating margin--monies which are left over beyond the cooperative's operating expenses. These margins are assigned to the members on a pro-rata basis and represent your share of ownership in Clark Energy. Refunds on capital credits are made when the Board of Directors determine the cooperative is in a sound financial position and can distribute these funds without jeopardizing planned growth and activities affecting the reliability of service to our members.

How do I report a security light out?

You can use this Web site and click on "My Account" then "Report a Security Light" from the drop down box or call our office at 859-744-4251 or 1-800-992-3269 and say or press 1. When reaching the automated attendant, then say or press 3.

How do I change my joint membership to single membership or vice versa?

Please contact our office and request a membership change form or forms are located under My Account--Membership Change Forms.

Can I make payment arrangements if I do not have enough money to cover my entire bill?

Yes. If you need to make a payment arrangement, you need to contact our office before the final payment date to set up an arrangement.