Commercial & Industrial Advanced Lighting including LED Program

Program Description

This program offers incentives to commercial and industrial customers to install high efficiency lamps and ballasts in their facilities. LED exit signs, T-5 fluorescent fixtures, and advanced controls are examples of eligible technologies. This program is designed as an enhanced version of the existing commercial lighting program that will replace that program when implemented. This advanced lighting program is expected to produce higher levels of savings in each facility, and to require somewhat higher costs per saved kWh.

Target Market

The incentive is available to any existing commercial or industrial facility in the service territory of a participating EKPC cooperative. The facility and its lighting system must have been in service for at least two years.


  • Customer shall be on a retail commercial or industrial rate.
  • The business shall have been in operation for at least two years prior to January 1, 2012, be in good standing with the Member System, and have a good chance of remaining in business for at least two years after the retrofit is concluded.
  • No empty buildings shall be considered for rebates, even if they meet the stipulations above.
  • Inactive warehouse or storage areas shall not be counted when determining the amount of rebate discussed below.
  • The business must be open or have its normal lighting load on for at least 50 hours per week.
  • Retrofits of parking lot lighting, provided it is on photocell control, shall be included in the rebates.


$213 to the customer for each KW of lighting load reduction for businesses open 50 hours a week or more.

For commercial customers: Rebates shall be limited to $6,000 for any one facility (28.14 KW load reduction).

For industrial customers: Rebates shall be limited to $12,000 for any one facility (56.3KW load reduction).