EnviroWatts (Renewable Energy)

If you like the idea of “green power”, EnviroWatts is the program for you. The purpose of this program is to provide customers with a source of renewable energy or renewable energy attributes called Renewable Energy Certificates, whereby Clark Energy will aggregate the contributions provided by its customers to develop renewable energy, purchase renewable energy, or purchase Renewable Energy Certificates.

Customers may participate in the program by contributing monthly as much as they like in $2.75 increments (e.g., $2.75, $5.50, $8.25, or more per month). The customer may allocate their “Renewable Energy Program” contribution to a type or types of renewable energy offered by the EnviroWatts program (solar, wind, hydroelectric, or landfill gas). A “Pledge to Purchase Renewable Energy” must be signed by the customer prior to participating in this program.

If interested, please call our member services department at 1-800-992-3269, option 7, or click here.