Outage Reporting

Please perform the following procedures if you should experience an outage in your home or business:

  • Check your breaker or fuse box to see if the problem is in your home. Mobile homes also have a breaker under the meter on the pole.
  • If the problem is not a fuse or breaker, please call Clark Energy at 1-800-992-3269. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • DO NOT SEND YOUR OUTAGE IN BY EMAIL, WEBSITE, OR FACEBOOK. No one will be available to respond.
  • In times of heavy call volumne, your call will be answered by our outage management system. Please follow these steps:
    • The automated attendant will pick up the line and greet the customer.
    • Choose option 1 to report an outage.
    • Simultaneously, the interactive voice response (IVR) is searching our customer database using the phone number supplied by our caller ID to see if the number is in the database. In order for your number to be recognized, it must be the same one listed on your Clark Energy account. If your phone number is recognized, the automated attendant greets the customer and asks if he/she knows the cause of the outage. If so, the customer is asked to leave a message.
    • If the member calls from a phone line that is not recognized in the database (one that is different than one on the account), he or she is asked to enter the number that is listed with the account.
    • Members who do not have a phone number attached to their customer record are asked to leave a message.
    • Clark Energy’s dispatcher is continually reviewing the messages left on the IVR to see if there are any public safety issues or clues to the cause of the outage.
    • The customer record is posted on the screen of the IVR and also sent to the outage management system to be analyzed.
    • When the member’s service has been restored, the IVR can automatically call the member, if requested, to verify that service is on or the dispatcher on duty or a Clark Energy representative may call personally.
  • If someone in your home is on a life-support system, call and inform our office so that we may note it on your account.
  • Turn off all unnecessary appliances during an outage to prevent an overload when your power is restored.
  • If you have an electric heat pump or furnace, it is recommended to lower the thermostat setting to prevent it from running continuously to reach the setting once power is restored, thereby increasing your electric bill.
  • To further protect your appliances and electronics, we recommend the use of surge protection equipment.

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