Button Up

Many homes have air bypasses and insulation voids that rob the homeowner of comfort and money. Simple upgrades such as replacing doors and windows or adding insulation can reduce your monthly electric bill and the cost of these upgrades can often be recouped in a few months.

In addition to the current Button Up program, Clark Energy is adding an option to also seal the envelope of the home. The air sealing of any and all thermal bypasses from unheated to heated areas will be necessary. A pre- and post-blower door test will be required to demonstrate the impact in kW demand reduction. An added incentive will be paid based on that reduction.

Only electrically heated, stick-built or manufactured homes that are at least two years of age will qualify to participate in either Button Up program.

If you choose not to air seal your home as a part of your Button Up efforts, you could receive a maximum incentive of $520, depending on the amount of BTUs saved.

By participating in the Button Up with air sealing program, you may qualify for an incentive of $750 to $1,370, also depending on the amount of BTUs saved.

Rebates for the Button Up program are only made once every two years.

To find out more about the Button Up program, call us at 1-800-992-3269 orĀ click here.